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This forum is the closest thing I could find to locating a ribbon cable for a Sun MicroSystems smart card reader. Here's the situation, I've got an Internal Smart Card Reader 1, (thats what it says for the model type), with a part number of 370-3933-05 from Sun Microsystems. The method of connection appears to be a serial port, such as "COM2" for example, on a mobo. Only difference is, I noticed my COM2 had only 9 pins and the card reader has 10. What I would like to find out is, do/can I use a serial ribbon cable to connect this to my PC? I found the WR232Y22 on this site, and it appears to be exactly what I need, so if anyone could point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated. I know this is probably trivial, but thanks in advance in anyone has any suggestions

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It is common to have a 10 pin header on the motherboard cable to a DB-9 connector. Does the card reader have a "DB-9" connection? Here is pic that shows female and male DB-9 connections:

There are two common numbering schemes for the headers on the motherboard, and they seem to be about equally common.

Our WR232Y23:


should get from either of the common motherboard pinouts to a DB9. You may still need a "gender bender":
if the sexes of the connectors do not match up.


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Thanks for the response

Now that I'm looking at what the first post, I think I blew it on the description. I took some really terrible pics with my camera phone, but I hope they can help. What it seems to me is, the connector on the card reader is the same type of connector as found on a mobo. In comparison, think about hooking up a floppy drive, but with serial connectors. I'm just not sure about the connection of the reader. Is it straight thru, are the pins reversed, or what. And is it actually a serial cable for a COM port? Thanks again for all your help.