WinNT 4.0 Problem


New member
When I attempt to run Crystal Control v0.93 on my copy of Windows NT 4.0 SP6a, I receive the following error when it launches.

"The procedure entry point RtlStringFromGUID could not be located in the dynamic link library ntdll.dll"

I have no LCD display to connect to the unit, but I was trying to view the software to see what uses I might get from an LCD. However, I can't even get into the problem far enough to configure an LCD even if I had one connected.

The file ntdll.dll on my system is dated 18 Nov 1999, could this be out of date?
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CF Mark

Hmmm... very interesting.

Try getting the original PDH.DLL that came with NT4 and put it in your windows/system32 directory. That will overwrite the PDH.DLL that came with CrystalControl.

If NT4 didnt come with PDH.DLL, i dont think theres anything i can do. I might have to strike off NT4 as being on the supported list :(


New member

Well, I don't see PDH.dll in our NT4 distribution or on any of our other NT4 installations, so I guess I'm out of luck. Was this tested on NT4 before now?

CF Tech

I havn't, and no one I know of has tried it on NT4 before, so you maybe the first.

I guess i could create a version for NT4, but it would be missing a lot of options the normal NT or 9x CC would.