which is best, Sony 40V200A or Sharp LC-42BX5M


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I now live in Thailand and would like to buy an LCD tv. Having looked at what is available over here I have narrowed it down to these two units.
Trouble is I dont know which is the best one to go for as I have not had one before.(used to have a plasma, but the bright sunlight over here kills the picture with the reflections.)

Does anyone know of any failings for either unit....any common moans, or problems with them that I should consider before buying?
Reliability issues?

In Thailand the warranty is very poor so this is a major factor.
The price for either is about the same here (Sony is about 50-60 pounds more).
Having seen both screens the picture was great, but the shops run them on high grade computor gen. pics. so it is misleading.

I will mainly be playing dvd's and connected to sat. tv (plus pos. x-box and blu-ray when I can find any here.) Thailand does not have hdtv, nor is likely to in the next 5-6 years.
Any help or observations would be very welcome, even if you think I should consider another make of LCD.
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LCDs have worse contrast ratio than plasma screens, so I think they would be even worse in bright sunlight than plasma.


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Plasma glass screens reflect the light more, so lcd's without their reflective screens (matt) look will be better, it is just finding the best option in lcd within a budget.
But thanks for your input.