Variable Brightness


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A while back I remember seeing an IC that will output different voltages depending on the data it receives.

It works much like a voltage regulator except that it is also connected to a microchip's data lines to control the voltage.

Does anybody know what this device is called? Or where can I get one?

Thanks in Advance
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Two ways I know of off hand:

DAC = digital to analog converter

PWM + LPF = pusle width modulator + low pass filter

First one is accurate and quiet, second one is cheap.


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Thanks for your reply.

After looking through some datasheets on the IC I'm using, I would technically be able to use the DAC on the IC, providing that it provides enough power.

So hopefully, this will work as I want it too.


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Don't draw too much current though!
Wire it up to a adjustable voltage regulator (like the LM317) if you plan on driving higher current draws.

-special [k]