serial cable to motherboard


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I'm looking at the drive bay kits. I want a kit with the CFA-633 display with a serial interface.

Now, when looking at the serial cables that are available, it seems to me (but i could be wrong) that the cables, like the WR232Y08, are designed to connect the LCD to the serial port on the back of a computer. Is that true?

But i want to mount the display on a computer, on a CD-ROM bay, and run the serial cable through the inside directly to the motherboard, to the unused serial expansion connector on the motherboard. I do NOT want to run the cable through the outside to the serial port on the back of the computer.
I can't seem to find a serial cable to connect the display directly to the motherboard. Any hints, pointers, suggestions? Thanks.
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If you have the header on your motherboard, you can use a standard 10-pin ribbon cable. I know Digi-Key sells them, but I do not have the part number off hand.

You may need to change the display from "standard" to "alternate" pin-out depending on how the pins are laid out on your motherboard.

See the section "RS-232 CONNECTIONS" on page 11 of the CFA-633 data sheet.


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Awesome. Thanks for the very prompt replies to this thread and the other.
...Do you guys ever sleep? :)