Serial Backlit Colors


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Will CF ever have a serial LCD w/ a neg. blue like the CFAH1602B-TMC-JP model? If CF is working on them, I would wait for them to come out. I already have a parallel LCD but want one to go into my drive bay. I have 2 unused serials but no parallels left. So if I could find out if CF will have neg. blue serial LCDs, I will definitely wait for them. Thanks.
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You could modify one of the two serials you have lying around. Wouldn't be too hard. All you have to do is: Get an EL-sheet, get appropriate inverter for the sheet, dismantle lcd-module, flip the front polarizing-film (glued on) and mount the el-sheet behind the display-glass. If it's a non-backlit model this won't work because the reflective thingy mounted on the back of the glass doesn't allow light to come through.


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When I mentioned that I had 2 serials and no parallels left, I meant the ports on my MB. And true I could mod the para. version but I would like to keep the warrenty. If CF is planning on releasing a serial w/ blue neg. I would hold off and buy them then. Otherwise, I might do the El sheet mod b/c from what I can tell, they are brighter and closer to the blue of what I am wanting.


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PaNiC - to get the white on blue LCD like the CFAH1602B-TMC-JP, you cannot use the EL sheet idea.

gatekeeper - from what ive heard, CF may be working on a white on blue 634, but it will probably be a bit of time before they start selling any (>months).

If you can, wait for the white on blue 634... it will be an awesome looking LCD.


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blue 634

I spoke with a guy at tech support this week and he said that a blue 632 would be out in a few weeks. He also said that it would be six months for the blue 634 to be ready. I don't know if he knows what he's talking about though. Take it with a grain of salt, I guess.


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arg i allready have a yellow 634...
When they ome out anyone wanna trade?

i have the whole kit ill trade for just the LCD...

Think about it