Samsung SCD23 LCD Question


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I have a Samsung SCD23 with an LCD screen. The screen quit working yesterday. When I turn the camera on the LCD turns on, but it is very dim, almost to the point where you can't see anything. Then after a couple of seconds, it goes black. The camera works fine. If I close the LCD door, the eyepiece turns on. Likewise, when I flip the LCD towards the front of the camera, the eyepiece comes on.

I will probably send this to someone for repair, but I can't resist taking the thing apart to find out if it is something obvious.

Any ideas?

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Be careful with a repair. The cost could easily be more than a replacement camera.

And if it is . . . then you can play with the old one with no remorse :)


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Any Results?

I recently encountered this EXACT same problem with my 2 year old SCD23. I am wondering if you or anyone else has found a fix. I have searched the web and found others with similar problems, but no resolution. I'd hate to replace the whole unit given that this is the only trouble I am having with it.


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Check out this site.

You can check out the following site for your camera needs.

They have a replacement lcd or just the replacement lcd backlight. Both of them are about $90. It sounds like the backlight in your lcd screen died. Lcd screens need a backlight that reflects light off of a silvery reflective foil behind the actual lcd. The light coming off the foil causes the screen to be visible. If the backlight dies the lcd may still have a picture but you can't see it because it is not illuminated unless you look really closely with great eyes.

I am not sure how easy it is to replace just the backlight so be forwarned.