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No way to get GPU Clock (RivaTuner/ATI Tray don't work anymore)


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Maybe I'm just late to the party on adding an LCD screen as a "sweet new mod" to my PC, but it seems that I have no way to put my GPU clock speed on the screen. I am using speedfan to get all my CPU temps and clock as well as even the GPU temp, but since RivaTuner and ATI Tray are now obsolete (I looked everywhere for a version of both that would be compatible with my NVidia GTX1080), I can't find a way to get my GPU Clock anywhere. I even resorted to trying to learn how to make a plugin for MSI Afterburner, which has pretty much replaced RivaTuner, and quickly realized how in-over-my-head I was with my very, very limited programming knowledge. If anyone could point me in the direction of something I might be missing, or a plugin that would work, I would greatly appreciate it. I was very excited to add my brand new 634 to my build, but now I'm just overwhelmed and confused. :\

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Sorry for the ultra-late reply, but try the HWInfo program with the CC2 HWInfo plugin.

HWInfo reports on almost any stat you can think of. I'm using it for the GTX 980ti and a GTX 580.

You'll be able to report on all sorts of PC stats also, all in one program.