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i was wondering what the tag is for monitoring network speeds. input/output. i couldnt find it. i have 634 with crystalfontz software version 1. thanks for the help
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It depends on a lot of things, so i cant tell you the tag that will give that information for your particular PC.

If screen setup, in the tag tree list, itll be under "Performance Info"->"Network Interface"


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I have two machines with identical Win2kpro releases and same network card. Both running same (newest) Version of CF LCD Software.

On one machine I can't get performance monitoring for my NIC, on the other I can. How comes this...?
One one machine, there is no Network Interface subpoint in Perfomance Monitoring.
With an older version of the LCD software I had this Network Interface point listed.
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I have kind of the same problem. I had it before but I upgrade my comp and CF ver1 and now I cant find the network monitoring information.