Hope to soon be added =)


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Thank you for this excellent piece of software you made. I have found it having just about everything I could ever want to do... and it is still being developed which makes it even better =)


My Suggestions if not already said by someone else:

- cpu load in a percent / bar from 0-100% format
- IP address of the current PC
- equalizer like bar for left and right channels in winamp =)

I am a bit touchy on the special characters that need to be used on my 634 9600 Baud version. I would definitely like to volunteer my coding expertise on adding some of these features into...I'm still new to it myself but if anything I know can help you out I am %100 willing to do so.

Thank you for this excellent piece of software that was just what the doctor ordered. Since I have been trying to make my own LCD software for a long time with no real luck due to my lack of the proper knowledge.

anyway...THX a million

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Thank you for the feedback. We appreciate your kind words.

Be sure to post your suggestions in the Requested Features for CrystalControl thread if they are not already there.

One thing you could do right away, would be to post your favorite screen setting files, along with a description of what is good about them and what data they display. You can just make a new thread and use the "Attach file:" to post them here on the board.

If others chip in, soon we could have a great "application" library for CC screens.


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I feel your pain... and my own at the same time =) I'm a very patient person and I know you are probably a lot brighter than I am with coding.. but I am confident you will find out a way to do it. I mean if you check out NT LCD from 2morrow.com you can see he figured a way to do it. Perhaps you could ask him about it or the people at LcdProc.

With or without it I still think your software is the best I have seen, it has more features and whistles than I could ever figure out as to their potential =P

Keep up the good work man :)