Help interfacing a 16X2 parallel display with a PIC 16F628


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Help with my LCD and microcontroller!!!

I have succussfully diplayed text on a number of HD44780 compatible parallel LCDs using the simple "LCDout" command in PicBasic Pro, but I can't seem to get my crystalfontz display to work using this same technique. I believe that my hookups are all correct but I do not know how to make the code work. Does the "LCDout" command only work with certain LCD panels? If not, are there any code resources for a sucessful PICBASIC/Crystalfontz relationship? The display I have is CFAH1202A-NYA-JP.

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The CFAH1202A series should act like any other "HD44780" display.

Make sure pin 3 is at around 1v (Vlcd = 4v).

Make sure the wiring is OK. Check the timing.


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Thanks! I'll look over it some more. As far as timing: I am using a 4mhz crystal and 500ms between startup and commands. Should I increase/decrease either of these?

Thanks so much!