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Fan Speed Control based on Temp Readings?


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Can the CrystalControl software be configured for the 633 to adjust fan speed of any of the fans based on temperature reading(s)? Thanks.
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CF Mark

CrystalControl cant, but some other software im working on for the 633 will.
Its an NT service though, so itll only run under WinNT4/2k/XP.

It will probably be a little while before its out yet though.
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That sounds great !!!! What features are you thinking about implementing? Could I ask for the following???

* Ramping up/down of fan speed in steps of 3-5 (e.g. OFF-25%-50%-75%-FULL).
* Individual control of each fan.
* User customizable conditions to determine fan speed setting. Leave the choice of these conditions (both variable and threshold) to the users.
* Fan fail and high temp alert; e.g. flashing/scrolling of some nice bitmap across the LCD.
* User customizable high temp threshold.

I would be more than glad to be one of your beta testers if you do plan to run beta program.


CF Mark

At the moment:
- The idea of the service will be that the user doesnt have any direct control over the fans speeds.
- It will be setup using an INI file.
- To control a fans speed manually, the INI file has to be changed and the service restarted.
- Automatic control of the fans speed is via a target temprature (using a temp sensor accociated with the fan) or one temp sensor compared with another.
- Alarms are reported to the NT event manager.
- Values inserted into MBM and CC.

But a lot of this could change.
Ill let you know when beta testing starts (it will probably be a public beta test anyway).


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It's good enough if the user can customize the operation using .INI file. I look forward to the release of this software. Thanks.


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One more question ...

Can I run this new NT service with CrystalControl?? If not, how can we control what's displayed?