Display Setup Questions


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A few months ago, i was looking at my case, and saw that i have an Extra floppy bay empty. Now, needing to find something to put there!, i automatically came up with this site. I have a few questions about the setup that would be required though.

1) the 631, is for 3.5" bays, correct?
2) I would like the USB version, does it draw its power from USB, or will i be forced to use the Molex/Floppy power?
3) Ive seen them programmed to do words, with this setup, is it entirely possible to do custom graphics?

Thank youfor your help in advance,
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Hate to reply myself but:

I purchased a Red LED version with a Black cover and the internal USB connector this evening, after finding the answers to the above questions (except for #3).


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Thank you for your response. I have but 1 further question:

I have done quite a bit of programming in my life, and aspire to make that my career, (im a senior in HS) so i was of course interested in dabbling in a setup.

I noticed that many people make their scripts in VB, is it possible to do this in a nice language, like C++ or something? Also, is there a beginners guide to programming for these things?

Thank you in advance.