Connector/cabling on CFAH2002A series


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My company bought a bunch of CFAH2002A-TMI-JP modules several years ago and I now need to order some more (actually the -JT replacement) but I have a question. The ones we have here have a ~6" ribbon cables soldered to the interface connection (the ribbon cable wires are soldered directly to the board). No-one here remembers if we received them at way or if we had someone locally add the cable. Looking at the datasheet and photographs on your web site, I see no sign of the cable so I assume the latter.

How exactly does the module come from CrystalFontz? Empty holes or pin header (pointing to the front or the back?) or what?

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The modules are generally shipped as shown with empty holes.

Is there a sticker on the back of the module that shows DPxxxx ? If so we may have added the connectors as a semi-custom part number.

In any case, we can add connectors and possibly the ribbon cables. For this you would need to contact there is typically a minimum order and a nominal charge.

For small quantities it is usually easier to get some headers and cables from Digi-Key, and do them on your side, but we can add the connector even for small quantities.


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Thanks for the quick response.

No, no DP... sticker so I'd say we had someone do it.

Easy enough for us to add a header and make an IDC ribbon cable. We'll go that route.