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Hi all,

I want to use a graphical LCD such as the "Wide Temperature 128x64 Graphic LCD Module" or "Compact 128x64 TAB Graphic LCD Module", or Wide Temperature 240x128 Graphic LCD Module.

Now what I would like to know is:

Are these Graphic LCD's compatible with the motherboard monitoring software etc, If so which software. Isit as straight forward as plug n play?

Also as a general query, if all my serial and parallel ports are being used, is it possible to use the parallel to USB or serial to USB converters?


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CF Support

This is theoretically possible with something like LCD Studio or PowerLCD, though plug and play is not going to happen.

Hacking together a USB to parallel is *theoretically* possible, though the process sounds like it'd be a real headache.

All things considered you'd probably be better off putting together a 634 kit here: