Character LCD 4-bit interface mode


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I want to select an LCD for pSOC processors from CYPRESS.
Here is the description of thier LCD interface

"Functional Description
The LCD User Module uses a single I/O port to interface to an industry standard Hitachi HD44780A LCD controller. This type of display has a simple interface consisting of 8 data bits, read/write (R/W), register select "RS," and an enable "E" signal. To reduce the number of pins required, the 4-bit interface mode is used. The LCD to PSoC block diagram and the table below, describe the 4-bit interface connections."

Here is my question:
Can I use CFAH0802A-NYA-JP LCD
and use it in 4 bit mode?

Farhad Gholami
Hardware Engineer

On some displays, DB0, DB1, DB2, and DB3 may need to be pulled down to Vss with a 10K resistor. Pulling these signals low ensures that the 4-bit mode is entered properly.
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CF Tech

You should be fine with any of the CFAH* modules.

You can leave the DB0, DB1, DB2, and DB3 disconnected, they will be pulled to the correct level by the LCD controller.