CFAXZIF-DEMO: USB-to-parallel adapter recommendation?


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Can you recommend a USB-to-parallel adapter that works with the CFAXZIF-DEMO board? It looks like many of these types of adapters only work with printers.

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CF Tech

I would be a bit surprised if the demo board and software works properly over a USB-to-parallel adapter. We wiggle each control line on the port in ways that are not common to printers. My understanding is that the USB-to-parallel adapters only wiggle the control lines in a way that a printer would understand.


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Thanks ... yeah, that appears to be the case. The CFAX_WinTest software talks to the parallel port through a special driver on one of the standard hardware parallel-port addresses, which even a low-level USB-to-IEEE1284 adapter (if one exists) wouldn't match. Of course, since the source code is provided, one could probably tweak the software to work with such a low-level adapter (if one exists), but out-of-the-box, it looks like the demo board/software combination only works with a real, old-fashioned parallel port.

I dusted off one of my old computers that still had a parallel port and was able to get the demo board/software up and running successfully on that. I have some questions about the LCD itself now, which I'll ask in a new thread.

By the way the CFAXZIF-DEMO product page links to the wrong software. It links to; it should link to