CFAX12864CP with LED backlight


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CFAX12864CP with LED backlight?

Hi... I'm an el. circuits designer and programmer and I have a question (or two :) ).

Last month we ordered some samples of CFAX12864CP1-WGH (with EL backlight). Everything is OK, but this type of backlight isn't good for my application. My question is: Can you provide a LED backlight for the CFAX12864CP1? The datasheet contains this posibillity (CFAX12864CP1-TGH), but in your e-shop I couldn't find it. How can I order it? Many thanks for your answer.

(if you don't produce this type of LED backlight, are there any alternative solutions of this problem?)
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I have the same issue. I'm using the TAB version, and found that the flex strip is not long enough to give me a large enough gap for a custom backlight design. I have to use a thin backlight, and the LED type is preferred - searching for a supplier.

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We have created a custom backlight for that module, but it was done specially for a customer and it is not available to sale for the general public.

We can supply the backlight of the CFAG12864B-TMI-V separately. It is a pretty close match physically and does not require a large minimum order or tooling. You would need to contact sales about Place an order for this backlight: sales(at}crystalfontz{dot)com (edit to '@' & '.').