CFAX12864CP-WGH-TS noob's simple questions


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I am currently looking at the CFAX12864CP-WGH-TS. I want to use it with a SI labs 8051 controller with a 320 chip. I'm pretty sure that it is compatible but i just want to be sure that its compatible with the ks0713 controller chip. Also for the touchscreen option, i'm pretty sure that it has 4 analog inputs. Here is the spec sheet.

Here's my main concern though. How should i connect the zif to the 8051?? i am going to purchase the demo pcb, but i 'm not sure if it has an extra zif for the analog connector. If it doesn't, is there another board i can get or is it simply adding a zif connector to the demo boad. What i really want to do is buy a zif adapter that is connects with the parallel port and another one connecting to the analog without using a pcb board, but it doesn't seem like there is one out there. All that i see zif connectors to a pcb board and then to a parallel port with is like the demo pcb board. Size is a factor, the smaller it is, the better it will be.

Is there anything i need besides the LCD display and the 8051 controller??

Thanks in advance

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