CFAH1602D-YTI-ET questions


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I amd working with this LCD character display for a class project and was wondering if it was possible to test this LCD manually without a microcontroller. whatever i have tried thus far has not worked and is causing me to worry about the product itself. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
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There is no way to test LCD displays without using a control cpu. You have to have some way to send initialization commands and data to display. Without that, you will only get a row of black cells upon power-up, which doesn't prove the display is capable of working.


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Thanks, It helps to know that it probably will work with a microcontroller, i'll just keep working to get the MC running so i can test it asap

Thanks again for the info

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Typically you would use a 10k pot between Vcc and GND, with the wiper connected to Vo. Set it to about 1v for starters.

You could also use a filtered PWM or DAC. You have to pull Vo down, IIRC it sources 1 to 2 mA.