CFAH1602A versus CFAH1602B


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I've finished a prototype product using a CFAH 1602A panel, and it's working nicely. But the circuit board is 88 x 44 mm, and a smaller board would work better for me.

The "B" panels (1602B) are smaller, only 80 x 36 mm.

Is there someplace that compares these two families, in a summary fashion? If I'm happy with the "A", will I be equally happy with the "B"?

I read the data sheets for both types, and not surprisingly they are quite similar.

Viewing angles seem quite different, however, and a few voltages differ (slightly).
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They are pretty much the same. Same glass, same controller. Only the PC is a different size.


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OK, but here's what confuses me...

The CFAH1602B-YYB-JPE datasheet says:

V viewing angle is 10 through 105
H viewing angle is -30 through 30
T rise/fall is 200 typical, 300 max

The CFAH1602A-YYB-JP says:

V viewing angle is 10 through 40
H viewing angle is -40 through 40
T rise/fall is 150 typical, 200 max

If they are the same glass and the same controller, why are these optical characteristics so different?

I'm at a point where I need to commit to one or the other, so I'm trying to *really* understand these guys.

CF Tech

I would guess that one of the data sheets is in error. If you would write support(at)crystalfontz{dot}com (edit to '@' & '.') the tech will open a ticket and sort out what is going on.