Can the CF633 read an AMD CPU diode?


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I am setting up a water block test bed and finding this CF633's temp monitoring and logging very useful. My main problem however is I got a DOW sensor under the AMD CPU on the mobo and it just isn't cutting it. The problem I believe is heat gets stored under there giving a false high reading. The only way around this is to use the on die diode of the CPU. I am just curious if I could solder the wires to the pins on the CPU that have the diode and somehow use the CF633 to read the diode?

In not I will try and pickup a kit from maxim to do it...

Also do you guys have an actual store we can walk into here in Spokane? If I want more sensors it would be a lot easier to just come down an buy them being I live here to... No big deal if not.

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CF Tech

We can't read the diode. Using Speedfan and CC2 (or MBM & CC1) you should be able to get it to show on the LCD though.

You can visit our location:

Crystalfontz America Inc.
12412 East Saltese Avenue
Spokane Valley, WA 99216-0357

(basically at 16th & Pines)

Between 9:00a and 3:00p there should be somewone there that could run your order. Better yet, place it on the web and pur "will call" in for the special instructions.