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I was just wondering. So you can make a totally custom LCD?

Is it posible you guys can do the following:
-Make it the size i want (around 6x4in)
-Make it so the chipboard thing doesn't overlap, and make it hardly visible.
-Make it so it can easily fit on a window. (Like an indentation and screws.)
-Put it on for me? (I would send you the side of my computer with an exact sheet of instructions of where and how I want it.)

I'm just thinking right now...not buying yet
and is it possible to get custom software too? :D
Like maybe set up favorites (and like have the game one be used when i start a game that applies to that)(also have 2 buttons to cycle thru the different favorites and show their name (System,HalfLife,Planetside,Music)) such as:

-internet speed (if possible)
-hdd space
-cpu temp (i have mbm but can u get it so i don't have to run mbm?)
-ram usage
-volume level

Setup2(Gaming For HalfLife and HL mods):
-ServerName and IP
-internet speed (lag)
-character type (like sniper/scout whatever)
-volume level

Setup3(Gaming for planetside):
-Either shows a picture which has all stats from internet that updates or the following:
-My planetside character name i'm on
-battle rank
-command rank
-total kills
-bases hacked
-character sex (male or female)
-faction name (NC,TR,VS)
-internet speed (lag)
-volume level

-Song Title
-Song Artist
-lyrics? (use lyrics program for winamp..lyricsx or something ill look up)(shows one (changing) line at right time)(if i don't have lyrics set up for it i want it to say No lyrics found.)
-Song Progress(length played/total song length)
-Volume Level
and really small in a corner:
-cpu temp and hdd space

How much would all of that cost? You making the LCD, installing it, and making special software...

ohy yeah...can u get the lcd to be black on a bright solid blue...?
Except its not that light..its a nice normal solid blue...like the outline on the lcd in that picture
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Invest your time and money in learning to program, Visual Basic for all I care - It'd save you the 10K

Then get a friend of you to do soldering for a custom LCD and you'll probably have the setup you want after half a year and about 200$

If you really are serious about something like this I'm sure you could hire some programmer from this forum to do some coding for you, but expect to pay some good $


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Dang you just sparked an idea. Too bad one couldn't take an old junky color laptop display and interface it with a desktop PC some how. But not for the purpose of a LCD Monitor but make it like the other LCD displays which show system stats. I got a bunch of old dusty laptops laying around. Like Pentium 133mhz.