A couple of general product questions...


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I'm sorry to splatter my newbie-ness all over the forum, but I'm hoping to get some pre-sale questions answered. I did some searching in the forums, and I have some ideas, but I just wanted some confirmation.

I'm developing a .NET application that will be running on a windows machine. This will be a box without a monitor or keyboard (kinda like a set-top box) so I was hoping to find an LCD with input buttons. This seems to be the place! A couple of the products here seem to fit the bill, but the one I'm looking at is the CFA635-TFE-KU1. That's the 20x4 USB LCD with keypad.


So, it seems to me, that I can communicate with the CFA635 via .NET, sending data to be output on the screen, and then waiting for keypad responses. Is this correct? If there isn't a managed .NET dll, I could use MSComm, or just roll my own, communicating directly with the LCD. Right? Maybe not easy, but it should work...

If I need a 20x4 LCD with buttons, is this my best bet? Is there an advantage to USB over serial? Disadvantages?

Thanks for your help.

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