631 Buttons


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I have two basic displays set up on a set top box that I built from scratch. There is no monitor on this box, as it is operating as QOS device. What I was wondering is there any way I can add functionality to the buttons so that the user can switch between the Packets in/out and CPU/MEM util screens I've set up in the CC?


PS. If not, what control would I use in my VB program to catch the input from the buttons when pressed?
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I'm a new 631 owner also (just got it yesterday).

Think you're out of luck until the Crystal Control 2.0 software is released. There is no documentation I know of on the packet formats used. I played with the 631 test software yesterday, and using the packet monitor mode you can see a little what is going on, but nothing you could script against.

Hopefully we'll see software soon -- playing with big number demo (in the 631 test s/w) has me anxious for what lies ahead.



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true dat

Yeah I'm anxiously awaiting support as well. I picked the 631 because it fit the bill for my set top QOS box, but it's severely crippled until the buttons function. You need a monitor and keyboard/mouse attached, which really defeats the purpose of the set-top box. Oh well I guess we'll see what CC2 has to offer.


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CC1 doesnt support 631 buttons as you know :(
CC2 will do.

The packet formats are all documented in the 631 PDF found on the 631 product page.


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I consider myself very technical. Would it be possible to obtain a copy of the beta? I understand that it would be "without warranty" and no responsibility for any ill-effects. I'm itching to actually use my 631 for what I bought it for -- the buttons!