2 lcd display's


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Hello dear sir,madam

My name is jan bax

I am from holland and bought a while a go on ebay 2 displays.

I am looking for a controller to hook them up to the usb or the lpt poort so i can build them on to my new Pc.

These are the specs i have

LCD 320x 240 NEUF; SANYO LCM-5520-24NTK display 1

- Hitachi LM688XW ( nec pwd-507 display 2

This is a big one
From an old nec laptop.

is there any one who could help me with a controller on the usb port to connect them with my pc
or to another connector
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You can find a datasheet for the Sanyo display here: http://balva.chez-alice.fr/LCM552024NAK.pdf

Looks like a normal 4-bit input controllerless LCD. You could drive that with S1D13700 controller for example.

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I don't know closer specifications of the NEC LCD.

But if you search for "LM688xw lcd" the results include this page:
Again gives a link to here:
Telling the LCD is used in a NEC MultiSpeed notebook.
Search for NEC multispeed gives some hints that it has a CGA display. Then finding some information about CGA tells that CGA maximum resolution is 640x200. So the resolution might be 640x200.
This is what couple minutes with a search engine reveals and this is where I'll stop and let you hunt for any further information :)

scorpio@nl said:
is there any one who could help me with a controller on the usb port to connect them with my pc
For the Sanyo display try searching for "USB S1D13700". ;)