160x160 graphics lcd - help!


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This isn't about a crystalfontz lcd but I thought someone here might be able to help me.

I got interested in LCDs a while back and started out with a 2x16 HD44780 character lcd which worked beautifully.

Now, I'm trying to get this graphic lcd to work. It's a 160x160 Datavision LCD w/ backlight. It's model # is DG-16160 and it uses an SED1335F controller.

I haven't had any luck getting this display to work using any of the programs I've been able to find online. I'm currently trying to use liquid-mp3, but I still can't get it to work (assuming I configured liquid-mp3 right). Any help you guys can offer is greatly apperciated.

I don't think theres anything wrong the wiring, but this is how i connected it to the parallel port:

LCD --> Parallel

1 /WR --> 16 (Init)
2 /RD --> 14 (Line)
3 /CS --> 1 (Strobe)
4 A0 --> 17 (Select)
5 /RES --> A Reset Button
6-13 D0-D7 --> 2-9 (D0-D7)

Anyone have any ideas? Or has anyone had any experience with this display?

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No experience with this display, but here's some ideas.

What are you using for Vlcd? According to the data sheet, you need to supply approx -18 to -20 volts to the Vlcd input JP2-3, and also have a contrast pot to feed a variable voltage to JP2-4. That's in addition to the +5 volts on JP2-2 and ground on JP2-1.

And then there's the display on/off input on JP2-5. What's connected to that?

Are you seeing anything at all on the screen (any darkness, streaks, random pixels)? If not, then the controller may not be getting initialized.