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Greetings to all!

I was just wondering.. Is/has/will CrystalFontz 2 be ported over to Linux? I'm building myself a nice Opteron workstation, and I'd love to power the case fans off a CFA635 unit.

However, I'd rather not run Windoze.. Something more optimized like Gentoo Linux.

Does anyone know if there is an automated solution out there for controlling the LCD (like LCD4Linux, LCDProc, etc) that also has CFA635 Temperature control via SCAB?

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It looks like the CVS version of LCDProc supplies a interface (since its based on a client/server model) for Thermal and Fan Control...

I doubt it would be hard to write a perl client to interface with it and control the temperature from there. I'm looking into this..

Otherwise I think until CC2 gets ported, we are out of luck :(.
Feedback on my coding is welcome.

lcdproc driver: manages scab temps / fans 631, 633, 635; creates a few simple lcdproc screens; mostly for advanced thermal measuring.

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