Write a Plugin/Addon ?


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Hi @ll, i want to write a Plugin for CrystalControl but i don't know what i have to do.
Which aplication i have to use to write a PlugIn for CrystalControl like the winamp/mod Plugin or other informations that the CrystalControl includet.

I want to write a Plugin for MOHAA, that the Display show me the kills, deaths etc but i don't know where i get start.

Sorry for my bad english but I'am german.

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to write a plugin, you need to know a programing language. You also will need to know how to get information from the moh servers. If you can get the the information on how moh servers send information, then i could probubly write it for you.

but i think i herd someware that medal of honor dosnt give information out to programs other than itself.


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I also would like to know how to develop pluggins for crystal control. Any info is appreciated. Thank you.