WinTest Question

Bada Bing

New member
When I try to run WinTest I get an error that says it could not open any ports, then WinTest opens and when I try to select Comm 3 I get an Error "Could not open port COM3"

My LCD runs fine all other times (cept I still cant get MY boot screen to come up).

Anyways, anyone know what I am doing wrong?

CF 634
WinXP Service Pack 1 (=])
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New member
I think you need to temporarily stop CC from working. Both programs are vieing for the same com port at the same time. You may get away with it by changing the com port in CC to something else, even though it isssues a warning. Do what you want to do in Wintest then close the program. Re open CC and change the com port back to the correct one.

Even if you change the boot up screen using wintest, you do not need it permanantly running so closing it and resetting the com port in CC will work.