Winamp question?

CF Mark

The WA3 plugin is actually pretty useless.
It does pass on track time and remaining time, and a few other things, but it doesnt give the track title.

I can try and find it if your still interested.


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If you could that would be absolutly great.
I just really like winamp 3 much more than 2. The menu is much faster and i like how everything is broken in to album and artist.
You guys should really try to get winamp 3 compatiablity in the next few months.

I do love the lcd conrol though.


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WinaMP3 sucks arse, I'm using WinAmp 2.91, it got the playlist and album/artist handling from WinaMP3, and it's not as unstable as WinaMP3.

They tried to be an all-in-one multimedia application, and failed miserably - I'd much rather use Windows Media Player 9, than Nullsoft's newest piece of shite. Long live winamp 2.x :)


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Interesting. Most people ive known or aquaintenced with use Winamp3. Though its more resource intensive than Winamp2, I really don't find any huge difference at all. The skins and options/features for Winamp3 outweight Winamp2 IMO. But, guess It just comes down to overall personal preference. :)


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Winamp 3 is being EOLed. Winamp 2.9 is going to have the free form skins on Winamp 3 merged into it to produce Winamp 5 (provisional name). A later version may have support for WASABI, but not initial release.

So they finally realised that Winamp2 rocks and 3 ehm looks nice.


CF Mark

Well Nulsoft themselves probably think WA3 is still better.

But im thinking thier WA2 and WA3 download counters prove them to be wrong.