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winamp lcd plugin


New member
hi all, just wired up one of the hd44780 cfah displays to my parallel and everything is working well with CC. I downloaded the winamp lcd plugin from markus zehnder but it doesnt want to work with my display. When I enter configuration mode the lcd displays the line Configuration and I have been able to make the plugin output its startup screen to the lcd when winamp opens so i know that my settings are working for the display. However, I cannot get the an equalizer or any text to display on the lcd when an mp3 is playing. Any suggestions?
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CF Mark

Ive got that plugin going here, so it does work.

You just have to make sure that you run the vis when you start playing music. Double click on the winamp vis window to start it.


New member
hey, ok i got the spec analyzer to work (it stays in the lower left corner though, only 10 col wide and 2 rows high despite my frequent changing of the height/width parameters). However, once I put some variables in the output section, the spectrum analyzer disappears. I am on WinXP and using Winamp 2.81. any suggestions?