Will CC2 support data over the network (a la lcdproc)?


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I'm looking for something I can use to display data coming in from other PCs on my network. I could run lcdproc and write my own clients for the Windows machines, but I was hoping CC2 would let me do this.

The idea is to have the server running on the PC the LCD is connected to, and have clients running on the other PCs sending data to the server (CPU temp, disk space free, users logged in, uptime, etc.)
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This is not LCD software, but if you are really in need of displaying client info on your server machine, try CoolMon. Highly configureable, low mem usage, great app.

CF Mark

Yes, CrystalControl2 will eventually have the ability to do this.
I say eventually because itll require plugins that dont exist yet (but are on my to-do list).