Wierd problem/ bug?!


New member
Functionally I have no problems except for this tiny thing which has started happing to me since I put .98 in (which was 2 days ago) and now with .99. I have a 632, and I have about 15 modules its scrolls through, several at different lengths. I have put all these modules in a certain order, but when ever I exit crystalfontz .99 and come back in the order is different from the way I want it. Any clue on what this is?

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CF Mark

If you want to save your screens:
Run regedit
Goto: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CrystalControl
Right click on the "CrystalControl" key (folder) and select export.

To reload them later, just run (double-click) on the registry file that was saved.