who have detail document for ECM-A0723 ?


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first sorry for my impertinence.

I have many ECM-A0723 ,about 12. made by EPSON.

It is a 16x2 text LCD module, but I need detail information to let it work. I have recourse to many forum, but no result, who can help me?

Thanks everyone.
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If it is a 16x2 it will likely have some kind of an HD44780 compatible controller on it.

Can you measure the sides, and attach front and back digital photos? Someone might be able to give you a good guess.


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here is three picture, this LCD module connected a main board.
this main board is a old product, MCU's mark has been erased.
and will be sold as waster plastic about amount 1000.
I known some PIN's function, but also stop at here, thanks your help.

sorry for my poor english.


CF Tech

Looks like some kind of a custom job. There are 18 connections:

These may be just the standard 16 HD44780 style connections plus some two other mystery pins:

1: Vss
2: Vdd
3: Vo
4: RS
5: R/W
6: E
7-14: D0-D7
15: A
16: K

Sometimes the outside pins are "guard" pins that are just for ground or strength.