Which parts for Graphic Kit...


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Your products look AWESOME!!! :D

I've looked at kits on your site and would like to get parts to build an external USB attached device, controllable from Win XP to display custom information.

I'm an experienced programmer, but need samples, and don't want to write drivers. Win XP is the target OS.

I'd like to get one of these:CFAG12864B Graphic Modules
Probably this one: (CFAG12864B-TMI-V) or

And I'd like a box for it and usb hw, powersupply [or parisitic on USB??], cables etc. to attach. I can handle the box, if we can put together everything else. I can solder, but I'd rather not get into HW design... :rolleyes:
Can we put together a parts list from your site for that?

And SW, which USB driver SW and then which app SW sources do I start with to build an app [or XP service] that will drive the display. :cool:

BTW, I saw your stuff here:

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>Your products look AWESOME!!! :D


> . . . external USB attached device . . .

The CFA-634 XE might work.

Software is a cinch then, either our own CrystalControl, or a 3rd party application

>I'd like to get one of these: CFAG12864B . . .

We support those for OEM applications, but not for hobbyist use. You can still buy them one-off but no support or returns.

If you want to go the unsupported route, search for "PowerLCD" here in the forum or in Google.