Where can I find an internal db9 serial to usb cable?


New member
I have a serial version of the crystalfontz 633, but unfortunately now that I upgraded my motherboard, I've lost the usb header.
What I'd like to do is purchase an internal db9 to internal usb cable, but unfortunately I haven't found one that exists. I'm only finding external db9 to external usb, but nothing thats basically a header to header.


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CF Tech

I do not know of a USB -> serial converter that has a connector for motherboard USB pins.

Is there no COM port on the system at all now? We have a cable for external serial port and a cable to go from the motherboard COM port. I am surprised how many motherboards continue to have RS-232 ports on them,

The only other solution I can think of right off would be to make up some kind of a USB-> serial, take off the USB-A and crimp on a connector that would plug to the motherboard.

You could RMA your CFA-633 and have us convert it to USB for you. That is not super expensive, but it would have to be shipped, of course.