where can i buy???


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firsr that all I don't speak english...my english is very,very bad....i am sorry....where can i buy or order a lcd's crystalfontz in my country that is chile....waiting for a an answer...F.B.I
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CF Tech

You can order direct through our web site.

Or contact sales:

Crystalfontz America Inc.
12412 East Saltese Avenue
Spokane Valley, WA 99216-0357

Tel: (509) 892-1200
Fax: (509) 892-1203
Toll Free:1-888-206-9720
sales(at]crystalfontz(dot]com (edit to '@' & '.')

CF Tech

I am sorry, but we do not have a Spanish speaking distributor. A few of our staff know a smattering of Spanish, but most (like me) would be reduced to using a translator.

If you are able to place your order through the online cart, then our staff can get it delivered to Chile.

If it is technical support you need, we would have to try our best through this forum or through e-mail.