Whatever Happend to HD44780?


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Hi Guys ,

I was only one here about 5 days ago browsing through the HD44780 chipset char displays and now I can't find them , where did they go ???

Or am I finally losing the plot 8)

Cheers !
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And then I see the datasheet tells you it's a 44780 , well that will teach me to look ( even though I was sure it was displayed in the list of displays ) It seems that the controller is listed as a different controller though :(

CF Support2

The HD44780 by Hitachi was the original character LCD controller and became the industry standard. As the industry evolved, Hitachi decided to discontinue the chip themselves as there were several compatibles being manufactured. We are currently moving to the Sitronix ST7066U series of LCD controllers. These are HD44780 compliant -- meaning they have the same pinouts and functionality. The Sitronix ST7066U is replacing the Sunplus SPLC780 which is also an HD44780 compliant LCD controller that has been EOL'd by the manufacturer.

Essentially, all of our standard character displays are "HD44780", they just do not have a Hitachi controller on board.