What the hell is this thing?


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Hi Everyone!

Does anyone recognize this thing, which is completely without a hint as to the Product or Manufacturer name?

Does anyone recognize the ports at the bottom?

I'm guessing one is power (2 pin), one is serial (for the touch screen, 8 pin) and one is the graphics port (20 pin)...

I'm trying to figure out how to connect this to, well, anything...

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CF Mark

Unless you can get a data sheet for it (unlikley), youll have to work it out yourself.

Find out what the LCD controller is, get the data sheet for that, then trace the tracks/wires back to the ports on the bottom.
I think its the only way youll get it working.


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Got it!!


A Screwdriver revealed the following:

Its a Kyocera KCS057QV1AJ-G23 320x240 Colour LCD Panel.
It has a Gunze Touch Screen.

It has a 16 pin Input for the Panel, an 8 pin output for the TouchScreen, and a 2 pin Power in.

For the power/backlight I already have an appropriate power inverter, even with a contrast adjustment wheel attached, so that should work if I feed 12V into it.

The touch screen should be ok, I'm not too concerned about that for now...

What I would like to know is how I get a signal to the screen via that 16 pin connector... What kind of input does it want?

The DataSheet for the Panel is not very helpful on this topic...