What is the email server???


New member
I know it has got to be easlier than what I can think of. I have been trying to set up email info to be displayed without much success. I can't get the mail server right!! OK. My POP3 server supposed to be mail.attbi.com. I enter that in the CC setting together with my login name and password but CC keeps giving me [19] error. Assuming it's the email server name that is wrong, I have tried many different things for the server name; attbi.com, http://mail.attbi.com, http://attbi.com, etc. No luck. What am I doing wrong? Could someone using attbi mail server give me some hints?? Thanks.
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CF Mark

You should only need "mail.attbi.com" as the server name.

Make sure you set the mail server querying time to be fairly slow. Big ISPs sometimes limit how often you can check the server.