What display technology should we use?


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So we are new to LCD, TFT display technology and require some advice please on what type off display we require for our application please.

The application is going to be used in an automotive environment and is going to be after market/retro fit device that will simply be windscreen attached with a sucker similar to Sat Navs.

In the current prototypes we are using a 128x128 back lite colour LCD that is early 2000 mobile phone technology. This display is OK in an office environment and when tested in the vehicle at night it is more than acceptable. However, in daylight in the vehicle it is virtually unreadable.

So I was wondering what sort modern display technology I should be looking at please? As far as requirements are concerned we would be happy to engineer the user interface of the application to fit a different aspect ratio from the square we have. Although we would like to keep the screen size small as we do not wish the application to be intrusive. Hence a diagonal of about 2inches is about as large as the application would accommodate.

As mentioned above we are currently testing with a colour display but are quite happy to consider monochrome as well as we may do several versions of the application.

Lastly the display we are currently test with is SPI so it would be nice to continue with this technology but we will also consider parallel devices.

I have noted in my research over the past 12 hours that transflective technology may be suitable but I am a novice at display technology hence my question

Many thanks and sorry about the long note.

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