what can I do with this LCD?


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I have a 20x2 serial LCD from a POS customer display;

It has two boards, one that has the LCD panel itself, and another with amongst other "parts" two chips:

ATMEL 9843 - AT89C2051-24PC

KA1489A - 336B

The LCD module is a SDEC LMC-BSC2B20-01 serial

I can output to it using LCDproc under linux, or even Crystalfontz software under windows, but the data on the display keeps scrolling very randomly, and all sort of garbage appears.

I have its data sheet, but I'm can't understand anything that comes in it (I'm not a programmer)

Does anyone have any information I can use to try to make it work with lcdproc, for example?

Thanks for any help,

Gustavo Melo
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I took these pictures, might help identifying it... my guess is the controller is under one of the two black plastic "seals"...

front of display

back of display

second board

boards attached to each other
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