What can i connect "flexible" LCD module connector to?


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I just received a CFAX12864C-WGH LCD module.

I am working on a project where i will be interfacing the module with a Basic Stamp microcontroller, which will drive the display, and i had a few questions:

#1) What is out there to connect the flexible module connector from the LCD to? (i.e. the one with a bunch of contacts and the driver chip on it)

Basically, i'm looking for a "break-out" type box that will take that flexible connector and turn it into something i could connect regular wires to.

#2) what are the two pins sticking out of the side of the display? Do they control the backlighting?

#3) How can i mount this display? I know if i had bought the serial kit it comes pre-mounted for computer use, but i'd like to mount it myself.

Thanks for any help!
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Flex Connectors on Digikey?

I haven't tried these myself but there seems to be something offered from HiRose on Digikey's site. According to the schematic diagram at http://www.crystalfontz.com/products/12864a/mech_WFH_mm.html, the lead pitch is 0.3 mm.

Search at digikey for 0.3mm, then click on the FFC/FPC Connectors link. You'd have to try the 51-connector version I suppose.

Here's the datasheet link for what looks promising...
http://rocky.digikey.com/WebLib/Hirose/Web Data/FH18 Series.pdf

0.3mm Flex Connectors Low Profile - FH18 Series

CF Support

After doing a bit of looking, it becomes apparent that the connector isn't wide enough. It shows as being less than 15mm wide for the connector, while the CFAX display connector is 31.6mm wide, and technically is a 0.6mm pitch, as it's .3mm for the contact, and .3mm between each contact.