What all do you display from your PC w/your Crystalfontz display???


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Poked around abit but didnt read every post here, what all can/do you monitor when using one of these in a PC?
Looks like alot of the posts are older and most people have sorted out how to use them---im interested in a back-lit display with a simple hookup---(preferably no parts chasing and soldering) I have a baby case thats begging for a mod like this under the floppy--->

It has a P3 1G
IBM 20g
Radeon 7200
high performance games
any thoughts?
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Hmmmm---I know my cpu's speed, no big deal how long the machine is up, and data sent received who cares?---any other uses? (besides Winamp?) Just curious as to what is possible for a casemod---someone needs to put a simple faq together---if I knew what display works with what signal/cableing method and which software actually works displaying X amount of informational data it sure would be easier---I use a DigitalDoc already and it sucks visually (but allows fan control and temp monitoring) I notice the Aussie dudes are big on this LCD case mod, not so much here in the states, im just sorta into casemods that not only look cool but are equally as useful...

I still would like to have a yellow on blue backlit 20x2 in one of the sidewindows on my baby lanbox...

CF Mark

Hmmm... i think ive seen that case before...
Over in the OCAUS forums? And why isnt it in the PCDB yet? :rolleyes:

Anyway... LCDs can display just about anything you want to know about your PC.
Ill list a few:
Winamp info (track name, time, etc).
MBM info (fan speeds, volatges, etc).
HDD space.
Ram usage.
CPU usage.
NIC throughput and totals.
Web page news.
Game & game server info.
General user text.
And the list goes on....