WG24064A_FMC_VZ# Request


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Hi friends
This my first post in this forum , I am using WG24064A_FMC_VZ LCD 64x240 , with PIC microcontroller , this is the first time I am using GLCDs , I have looked to the datasheet, but I could not understand some items , I wish you can explain to me .

1. VDD 5V , right?
2 what is Vo ? is it a negative supply to the LCD because VDD-vVO = 12,5V ? and what is it value ?
3. What is Vee ? the datasheet says it is -10v output ? why do we need it ?
4. I will connect FS to the Vss , right ?

5. Also there are two pins to the right of the LCD , A and K, Anode + kathode , but the datasheet did not say about the voltage should I apply there to drive the lighting of the LCD , could you explian ?

6. Is there any free software to transfer a bmp file to dotmatrix data to load it in the program memory of the PIC ?

Thank you
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CF Mark

I can answer some of this to get you started...

1. VDD 5V, right? - Yes
2. What is Vo? - Negative supply to adjust contrast (adjust with a 10K pot between VDD and Vee).
3. What is Vee ? - Needed for the Vo