Wanting to get a 631 For my Shuttle


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Yet the lack of button functionality has me worried w/ the current CC software. I see that CC2 may be "soon." The 631 is pretty much the only thing I have found that fits what I want it to do in my XPC. Hmm, bascially I am asking if I should go ahead and get the 631 now and wait for CC2 to come out, or if I should wait until the software is released.

:) Thx for any help.
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If you want a "turn-key" software solution from CC2, then it would probably be best to wait.

We can arrange to get you some early CC2 beta code, but right now it requires lots of INI editing to set it up, and I do not know if anyone has made any sample screens that provide keypad functionality.

There is Girder, which now supports the CFA-631, but I do not know if it would do what you want.

akweb has written a program that supports the CFA-631 (see this thread): http://www.akwebservices.com/lcdcenter


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Having an SB75G2 black with an 631 myself, I can share my knowledge.

I use girder. What makes girder great, is that the plugin support offer a lot of possibilities. You just download girder and the LCD plugin (includes examples). Also support remote control receivers, keyboard commands, control of applications and more.

The cons are, you need time & knowledge to set it up beyond the basic examples, and current there are no known plugins to grab gameserver info.


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Thanks for the help guys :)

Looks like I will order it and use Girder as a stopgap at the very least until CC@ comes out. I really appreciate the help.