Want an LCD- please help me choose!

Richard Dower

New member
First time poster and first time thinking about adding an LCD display to my PC.

I have some things in mind that i would like, and hopefully a Crystalfontz product exists to cater for my needs.

I'd like to purchase a complete package, all the necessary brackets, connectors, drive bay mounting kit etc. for an easy and one step install.

I'd like a 5.25" model that is Beige in color, i like the White on Blue LCD model + i want one that connected to an internal USB header on my motherboards.

No Serial or Parallel connectors, just a free USB header of the 9pin type commonly used on Gigabyte motherboards.

I'll also need a drive bay kit to mount the LCD in a 5.25" drive bay + the lead necessary to connect the LCD to the USB header.

Also, does any model support more then 4 fans?...like a model that controls 8?

Any help, advice or model numbers would be appreciated.
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Or in my case, I have multiple fans hooked to each connection point. 4 connections controlling 8 fans total.