visual basic control of a parallel LCD


New member

Unfortunately, the only LCD module that I can find where I live is a HD 44780 compatible 16x2 display, which I have to connect through the parallel port of my PC. I have found some code in C which would allow me to write to the display, but I have alredy built an almost functional GUI in Visual basic (and considering I don't know how to use C anyway), I need to find some code which is in visual basic.

I was wondering if anyone could post some code or advice regarding how to output a text string (which is stored in a label/text box on a viual basic form) to an LCD module which is connected throught the parallel port of the PC. The ID3 tag data which is stored is often longer than 16 characters, so any advice on how to make the text scroll, ect, would be much appreciated also.

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