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I am attempting to install a CFA 632 serial using Window Vista and CC106. I get an error message " Access violation at address 00470D63 in module 'Crystal Control.exe' read of address 00000154" when I attempt to add a new screen. Board is an ASUS K8N, module is on com 1 and boots normally. How do I correct this?


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CF Mark

Sorry, CrystalControl1 is now unmaintained and has been for some time.
If you are having problems with it, there isnt much i can do.

I suggest you try CrystalControl2.


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Went to CC2 still a problem

I did dump CC1 and am installing CC2, however following insall and changing .exe files in compatibility mode per instructions i now get an error 'could not start the CC2 service. Unknown error (2)' This is with a CFA-632 serial display. I can get CC2 to work once I restart the computer. But I have to do this for each screen I load or change. Each time iI try to restart service I get the same error message

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